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Change starts with YOUth. 


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Innovative Change Makers (I.C.M.) recognizes the inherent strength within a community of dedicated individuals and has developed specialized programming to uphold this principle. Our Organization is comprised of seasoned mentors and professionals, who are committed to infusing compassion, support, encouragement, and celebration into the lives of the youth we serve. Our mission is to create secure and nurturing environments for members of our communities. Recognizing the significance of safe spaces as essential outlets for decompression from life's stressors, we acknowledge our duty to instill a profound sense of community and impart the value of togetherness to the younger generation. Employing a holistic approach, we address the comprehensive life experiences of our peers and youth. Our primary focus areas encompass mental health (including solutions for home life challenges and coping with personal traumas), Positive Social Interaction (offering alternatives to gang affiliation and mitigating antisocial behavior), Employment (providing job readiness training and opportunities), and Financial Literacy (educating on successful management of banking, credit, retirement, investing, real estate, business ownership, and the establishment of essential community institutions). Innovative Change Makers is dedicated to community engagement that empowers individuals to take meaningful actions to enhance their lives and fosters communities equipped with the resources to shape their own destiny.

I.C.M. President & Founder, Brian Gatewood Sr.


“We focus on the youth, because we were these youth. We address these issues,

because we had these issues and know how to approach them.” 


Brian Gatewood Sr. serves as the Founder and President of Innovative Change Makers (I.C.M.). His commitment to community is deeply ingrained in his local experiences. With a comprehensive understanding of prevalent issues, Brian combines his life story, involvement in youth programs, and professional expertise to stay attuned to contemporary challenges faced by young individuals. He articulates, "It is my dedication to assist our youth with the support and resources I wish I had at their age."


I.C.M.'s guiding principle is encapsulated in the motto, "Change starts with YOUth," emphasizing that enduring community transformation begins when individuals take proactive steps to improve conditions for the youth. We unite volunteers, businesses, government agencies, and local organizations to establish secure environments where youth can thrive.


Having navigated the Washington State Juvenile Detention System and the Washington State Department of Corrections, Brian understands the significance of preventing youth involvement in such systems and supporting the redirection of those who have. Recognizing the potency of forging lasting relationships with youth, as opposed to ephemeral programs, Brian, a devoted father, has contributed significantly as a coach for the Tacoma Panthers Junior Football Team, owner of I.N.K. Productions, high school Academic Youth Interventionist, and roles within the Urban League of Seattle and Tacoma.


In establishing Innovative Change Makers, Brian seeks to provide a platform for community leaders to engage with youth, sharing resources, knowledge, and experiences that inspire success. Through collective efforts of local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and parents of the youth served, the community can support one another, fostering positive change through contribution and cooperation. The vision is clear – we can indeed "Be the change."

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